Sunday, December 29, 2013

Enjoying Mother Nature

Hello everyone! Winter is here for good: Christmas have already passed, soon it will be 2014 and the weather keeps getting colder every day. But that didn't stop us from planning a small trip up in the mountains! We got to enjoy nature even though it was a bit cold and windy (later on it rained but luckily we had returned by then!). The two of us, along with our friend Raphael, went there on Friday and left the next day at night. The awesome colors of winter leaves and the small river we came across created an awesome atmosphere. The weather wasn't really a big problem. The opposite actually: the cool breeze was very calming. We had a wonderful time and most of all, we got to take amazing photos while having fun. We stayed there for one day and left the next one. Here you can see some of the photos we took yesterday before we left. :)

Wednesday, December 25, 2013

Christmas Charity Event & Outfits

Hello everybody! How are you today?? I hope you are having the best Christmas day in the world! And since it’s Christmas today I wanted to share with you a special post. So my friend Catalina and I are a lot into music. She loves singing and I play the guitar so we usually team up and we drive our neighbours crazy. Anyways, last year, they asked us for the first time if we would like to play on a Christmas event in our hometown at the Medieval Castle Square and of course we accepted, it was really nice and they wanted us to go this year as well. The event is actually a festival that has also dancing, traditional music, games and many more and it’s about raising money to help children in need. They told us we were going to have a 30 minute performance so we decided to play some Christmas songs. The previous day, we also had a smaller performance at Anexartisias street representing Catalina’s music school and we prepared a small mashup with some Christmas songs too. Here are some photos from both performances and hopefully we’ll be posting some videos on our youtube channel soon!

Monday, December 23, 2013

A Fashion Post Before Christmas

Hello everyone, we have only a few days before Christmas and I'm here with a new fashion post. As you know two weeks ago we posted a review for! Personally, I would say that the post about the Firmoo eyeglasses was my favorite so far! It was so nice because I adore these glasses by Firmoo and also because my friend Mary Vafiadi and her father helped me to promote this post on Bogibo with amazing photos.  So, I had a lovely time last time with my friend so I decided to do another post about these glasses but this time with many changes, I wanted to do a more free and creative photo shoot with glasses of course by Firmoo. I wanted to show you something new with a different mood, more creative.

Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Cheap DIY Ideas for Christmas Decoration

Hello dear people, it's a week until Christmas! In this post, I decided to share with you some mini DIY ideas to decorate your home according to this holiday season. As you know I am studying Photography and Audiovisual Arts in Greece. I have my own  apartment here in Athens and this week I decided to create some small but cute ideas to decorate my home for Christmas. I don't want to buy something expensive because as a student I have many other expenses. So with these little decorations I spent only 7 euros. With some simple things such as a little glass jars, 2-3 colorful felt cloths, watercolors, a transparent umbrella and placemats you can create your xmas decorations as you can see on my photos below!

Sunday, December 15, 2013

Christmas - New Year Wishlist (+Giveaway Winners)

Hello everyone! How are you? Has the Christmas spirit taken over yet? It has definitely taken over me, especially because I always connect Christmas time with a lot of shopping! And like every year, I've prepared a short list of what I would like to buy this year, not only but mostly during Christmas. Last couple of months I've been VERY busy with my university schedule, projects and finals so I had absolutely no time at all to go shopping. As soon as I'm done, I'll go hit the shops! And here is a short list of what I would like to buy. Hope you like it. :)

Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Firmoo Review + Giveaway

Hello everyone! I hope you are having a great month so far. Today I have a special review for you guys and girls out there interested in eye-wear. Ever heard of If not, you should know that it’s an amazing online optical store, and the world’s most popular one and they were kind enough to offer us a free pair (which you can get too, just keep reading!) for a review. Of course we agreed and here is our review.

Sunday, December 1, 2013

Hand-Made Winter Accessories

Good evening people! Hello from Athens! This is Theo of course! I wish you all  a good month and I hope you are happy these days because we have only 24 days left until Christmas! So excited!

So, it's Sunday and of course we have a new post. As you know I live in Greece, and now it's finally starting to get colder. I think not only in Europe but generally all countries have these cold days. And of course I'm glad it's getting cold because Christmas without snow (brrr), hot chocolate (mmm) and warm clothes (aaah) are not Christmas! Unless of course from the far away Australia where Santa Claus takes gifts and hides them in the sand on the beaches (Hah, this was a joke).

Let's go back to our topic. So, what I have for you today? One of our best friend's mum who is a jewelry designer and many more, has created for us here in Bogibo and only after an earnest request something very cool for cold days and, I believe, very stylish! She designed especially for our blog some hand-made snoods and beanies. You can see them below.