Friday, October 31, 2014

Trick or Treat...

Hello people, how are you? How was your week? This week our post is today, on a Friday! Why? Because today its Halloween and Halloween without Bogibo is not a Halloween guys! Before you get your baskets and go out for the classic trick-or-treat, check out our new post about Halloween! 

So, here in Athens there is a nice place, called CapCap, that was completely transformed to get into the Halloween spirit! All week it welcomes people to celebrate this theme there although this tradition is not so famous in Europe as in America yet! This amazing place its a small café that always has a specific theme (for example Harry Potter, Alice in Wonderland, Disney Characters) and this week was of course the Halloween theme!

We went to this place and we wanted to share with you the mood that dominated the whole week there. When I went there I was honestly afraid. Oh yeah, the place is actually a dark and scary like  an abandoned house. The decoration was amazing because everything was so real and gave you the sense that you are in the dark side of your town. Nevertheless, the café offers incredibly sweets like cupcakes with decorative sweet fake blood, tombstone chocolate with RIP written etc. All drinks and sweets this week were Halloween themed as well.

People have fun at CapCap and want to go there always because, besides this themed week, it's always a nice place and gives you a wonderful atmosphere and luckily has good prices! At CapCap you can travel with your mind and not only in dark paths, with strange creatures and feel the terror eating some sweet creations. See our photos below and I hope that you like our post! And don't forget to say:


Sunday, October 26, 2014

My Workplace with WeWork

Hello everyone! How has your week been? I hope you are all doing great. I'm here with a new post from our blog, in which I will introduce to.... my workplace! I was asked by WeWork, an amazing co-working company, to share my current workplace. I thought it was a great idea. So here it is!

Monday, October 20, 2014

What's in my Purse

Hey guys! how  are you? Well, today was  pretty lazy day for me. it was quite rainy so I decided to stay home in the morning and prepare a post for you guys. Luckily , the weather changed in the afternoon so I was able to go for a walk and then do some shopping. Now I'm actually posting this while I'm in a coffee shop, drinking my hot chocolate :) Anyway back to our topic. I recently purchased a new purse so I had to switch it up and I thought that it was a great opportunity for me to do a what's in my purse post. I used to carry huge purses with me and fill them up with useless stuff but now that I started using smaller bags I found that it's easier and more convenient, especially for work or shopping. It's nothing interesting or exciting but I think it's kinda fun to take you on a mini tour inside my purse so I hope you guys enjoy!

Sunday, October 12, 2014

Ancient Greek Look

Hello and have a nice Sunday people! Today Theo is here! I hope that you are all doing OK! Our post for this Sunday is a photography post with an ancient Greek theme. Have you ever been to Greece? Do you know the history of this great country? Whatever the answer, I think that our post has something to tell you. Of course we can't show you all monuments of Greece in one post. We need thousands and thousands of posts. But some you can see here.

Sunday, October 5, 2014

My 3D Creations

Hello everyone! It's been so long since I actually wrote a post here. I miss this but the last few weeks I've been drowning in the bottomless sea of projects and deadlines. My classes started and I'm constantly doing something, whether that's a website, a film or an app... or a 3D model, which is what I decided to write about today. It's one of my favourite classes this semester and to be honest I've been waiting for it since the very beginning. I've only been taking it for a few weeks but I feel like I've already learned a lot of useful things and the small projects I've done are very satisfying. I really enjoy the results and (even though it's a bit nerve-wracking) the process is fun. So, today I wanted to share with you two of my projects, both done in the 3D Modeling class and I got good critics for both of them. I don't really like sharing my work mostly because I always feel I can improve it and they're never done. However, I'm so excited for these! I hope you like them too!