Monday, November 17, 2014

Earrings Everywhere (Part 2)

Hello guys how are you? How is your November going? Once again, we are here for you to share another post, quite late this time but we are all so busy this days. Today our new post doesn't quite match with the current weather. We are here to give you a post with colorful earrings! Last summer, my friend Angelica agreed to share with us her earrings collection. But she has so many earrings because she loves them so I decided to do a part two of her collection. You can see Part 1 here, in case you missed it.

In Greece, the weather is still sunny, so the atmosphere here looks more like spring-like and joyful. I hope that you like our new post with Angelica's earrings. Write your comments and your opinion below because we want to know what you think about it!

Sunday, November 9, 2014

Quick and Easy Updo for School/Work

Hey guys! What's up? Halloween is over now and I'm kinda sad but Christmas are coming soon! Who else is excited? I know I am. :) So today I am going to show you a quick and easy hairstyle for school or work. I usually wear this at work because we mush have our hair up so I always do this updo to save time. My hair can be really crazy and annoying sometimes because of all these flyaways and the frizzyness but with this hairstyle I manage to tame them. So here are the simple steps!