Sunday, November 15, 2015


It's really nice when you decide to go to a trip anywhere. Who doesn't like trips? Especially if you have good company. So, last week my friends and I went on mini trip at Nauplion, a beautiful place in South Greece. We stayed for about two days and we had a great time there.
I'm here today to share with you some photos from a beautiful cafe & bar at Nauplion, called Sokaki. Sokaki is a small cafe at the old city of Nauplion, in the center, close to the square. I was there for about four hours because the place made me feel so comfortable. Sokaki has a strange decoration inside that makes you feel good. It has a bohemian style, many colours, and strange huge sofas. This place takes you to the past. Sokaki has a vintage style as well that makes you feel that you are in a different world or era. If you are a tourist, you can relax there with your friends because Sokaki plays some nice and relaxing music and and abundance of favourite old and new songs. I went in the afternoon when it had a romatic atmosphere. I think that in the night it's a little different but also great. It has many drinks to drink and delicious food! And I have to tell you that the prices are very good too. Have a look at my photos from this place and tell me your opinion. For more about sokaki just click here: sokaki

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