Sunday, August 30, 2015

Up in the Mountains

Cyprus is undoubtedly most known for its clear beaches, sea-related activities, and shoreside hotels and restaurants. It's no coincidence our country is mostly related to Summer vacations. However, for our last summer resort this year, we chose a beautiful mountainous village here: Omodos. Our quick trip there lasted 2 days and during that brief time we had the chance to go out, walk the stone streets, browse some local stores, and eat delicious traditional food from a restaurant there.

Sunday, August 23, 2015

Summer Touches of Colour

With the last days of Summer approaching, many of us are preparing ourselves (both, physically and mentally) to get back to a routine, go back to school, university, or work. Nevertheless, we still get to have the little things during Summer which we enjoy the most; like afternoon walks with friends! The other day, my friends and I had a saunter down a shopping street in our city. Even though the sun was exhausting, we got to shop, eat, and relax for a while.

In the photos you can see my outfit of that day. I love clothes with light colors, especially white. So, I decided to wear an outfit with its basic color being white. As you can see, my t-shirt stands out more than the rest of the outfit, with its colorful touches of watercolor-like splashes.

The t-shirt - like the rest of my outfit, besides the shoes - is from H&M. A very nice idea, is to make a similar t-shirt yourself. All you need is a plain white t-shirt, some brushes, and paint for clothes.

Sunday, August 16, 2015

In Red Mood

Summer fashion is usually characterized by bright, vivid colours and a lot of patterns. Who doesn't love wearing striking outfits every now and then? I certainly do! And today, I will share with you one more of my summer outfits - this time with a vibrant, prominent color. As you can see, I'm wearing a red-and-white, striped t-shirt (reminiscent of Wally/Waldo, the cartoon!) by H&M, white shorts, and my favourite, white, canvas shoes from H&M. I completed the look with a white, straw, fedora hat and some warm-coloured highlights on my hair - temporarily done with hair chalks.

Saturday, August 8, 2015

It's Skirt Day

And before you know it, August has arrived! The last month of Summer. The point when we all realise how little of Summer we have left and rush to make plans, challenging ourselves in how many things we can fit to do in August alone. Of course, the exhausting, hot weather continues here as always, leaving us with a few options. Sometimes it's just unbearably hot! But the weather won't stop us from writing a new post for our blog! Speaking of which, for today's post, my sister wanted to share with you one of her summer outfits. Combining navy blue colors and stripes, she wore this outfit during one of our walks in Athens last month. She also had a hat and sunglasses with her, both more than a fashion piece since these days they are extremely important for your health. In order to make this quite simple outfit more quirky, she wore bright red espadrilles. You can see the whole outfit in the photos below.