Sunday, October 16, 2016

Oh, Berlin

Travelling offers unique experiences, feelings of happiness and joy, and can also stimulate your mind. One of my dreams, is to one day be able to travel around the world.

Growing up in Cyprus, I didn't have many opportunities to go on trips abroad with friends. Last year, I was able to go to Italy but besides that I never travelled beyond Greece. This year, I set a goal to myself: to grab every opportunity and go on more trips. A few posts ago I wrote about my trip to Mykonos, Greece. Now this post is about a trip I went on in late-September, in Berlin. The same trip I mentioned in my last post.

Berlin was great! We were able to see many museums, memorials, parks, tall buildings, and malls. As a city, it offers an abundance of places for entertainment and food and drink. We came across beautiful cafes and bars around the whole city. We chose to walk to each destination in order to enjoy the beauty of the city to the maximum and also take lots of photos on our way there. Therefore, we didn't use any public transportation, besides coming from and going to the airport. Overall, I really enjoyed the urban scenery of the city and the multicultural vibe that permeated throughout every street and corner. It's a perfect place to taste (literally and metaphorically) not only Germany, but other cultures as well.

We stayed in a hotel in Schoneberg. The area had a lot to offer itself, but it was also relatively close to many famous landmarks that we wanted to visit. Below you can see some photos from Schoneberg and Mitte.

Now I'm back to my routine in Athens and I'm very busy with my university schedule. Let me know in the commends if you liked my post. Have you ever been to Berlin?
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  1. awesome pictures <3 love it!
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  2. Amazing :)

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