Bogibo is formed by three friends; Rose, Herc, and Theo; who share their passion for art, fashion, style and creativity. Through this blog, we intend to share with you this passion and also our ideas, opinions, maybe tricks and tips and much more on many different subjects and topics, from music and movies to fashion and DIY crafts. We are also open to your comments, suggestions and ideas so don't hesitate to join this community. You can follow Bogibo on Bloglovin, subscribe via email for updates, or follow using your Google account (GFC). :)

Here you can find different information on each one of us and also follow us on different social networks and websites.

Hey, my name is Herc. Currently, I'm studying Multimedia and Graphic Arts. I love art, movies and fashion. My studies and hobbies (and hopefully my future job) include photography, film making, game making, animation and also web design and graphic design. I'm into a lot of TV series and I like to spend some time on various creative projects with my friends for no particular reason, just for fun and the memories. Besides these, I also like nature, learning new things (most of the time completely random facts) and listening to beautiful music. Carpe diem.

Hello! My name is Rose, I'm from Limassol, Cyprus and I'm studying to become a beautician/make-up artist. I'm also a nail artist/designer and I love everything that has to do with beauty and fashion. My biggest dream is to become a professional special effect make up artist and get to work in movie sets because i love how people can transform into everything they want by just using makeup.  I also love experimenting with DIYs and crafts and in my free time i like watching my favorite tv shows and reading books .

Hello, I'm Theo but my nickname is Theoteom. I am 22 years old and I'm from Cyprus! Yeah, this beautiful Mediterranean island! I'm studying Photography and Audiovisual Arts in Greece. Also, I fill up my free time with radio and journalism! My favorite hobbies are fashion and generally all about style! I love to make handmade things (crafts) and I hope to do many exciting things to show to you! My motto is "Life without view, fashion without color."